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Born and raised in Bordeaux, France, Loïc Bortot expressed an early interest in arts and design. At the age of 22, he moved to North America to start his apprenticeship at the National lutherie school of Quebec City. Loïc graduated in 2014, winning the school’s excellence award for his Moonchild model. He then established his workshop in Quebec City, in the Limoilou neighborhood. His brand proudly wears his mother’s maiden name, Bouchereau. Each guitar is crafted with the highest attention to detail. Loïc’s approach focuses on every aspect of the instrument equally. He considers acoustics, ergonomics and aesthetics, to be a part of a whole that must be intricately tied together. The final goal is to obtain the finest guitars possible. Bouchereau guitars come with very high specifications from the beginning. The standard specifications include: - Mahogany scarf jointed neck with double acting truss rod and carbon reinforcements - 3 ply structured side rim with kerfled core - Front and back headplates - Evo-gold frets with hemispherical fret ends - High quality gloss polyurethane finish - Raised fingerboard extension - A substantial choice of tonewood for the top, back and sides. Loïc works both on direct custom orders and with carefully selected dealers. All the information about his model lineup, the details about the ordering process, and the list of dealers, can be found bellow.




The Mistral model is Loïc’s take on the OM model from Martin, featuring more fluid and harmonious lines, while remaining into the same body dimensions. This very popular fingerstyle and soloist model, produces a reactive response with complex overtones and harmonics, which allows a much nuanced playing. This guitar model is the most sought after among the Bouchereau guitars lineup. Available with many ergonomic and aesthetic declinations, this very versatile instrument can adapt to the most exigent and creative players.

Specifications :

- Body length: 492 mm (19.4 inches)

- Width at lower bout: 393 mm (15.5 inches)

- Width at waist: 229 mm (9 inches)

- Width at upper bout: 289 mm (11.4 inches)

Photo credit: Zane Dumont for The North American Guitar



Ordering a custom Bouchereau guitar is really the best way to get the perfect guitar for yourself, finely tuned to your playing and artistic needs. The specification process usually happens via video calls or ideally with a visit in person at the Bouchereau workshop in Quebec City. The exhaustive options and pricing list is available upon request. Using the contact e-mail available on this page is the quickest and easiest way to reach out to Loïc and get all the information you need. A 30%, non-refundable deposit is required for the order to be secured into the building schedule. The building process can only start once this deposit has been cleared. The waiting time between placing the order and the start of the building process can vary, but is currently between 6 to 12 months. The building process can take up to 6 months. Loïc provides each and every customer with regular updates about the building process of their guitar. Bouchereau guitars are covered with a limited lifetime warranty, applying to the first owner of the guitar. The warranty covers workmanship and crafting defects. Please note that this warranty will not cover any damage due to improper use or storage of the guitar. The warranty also covers any major setup works that should be performed during the first year of ownership. Loïc will provide the owner with a list of approved luthier, who will make the setup works under warranty.


Loïc Bortot - Bouchereau Guitars 

2130, Avenue de la Normandie
G1L3Y9, Quebec City, Canada

+1 581 741 9712

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