Ordering a custom high end guitar is a big decision. It is not only the guitar itself that has to be considered in the equation, but also the mutual feeling that comes along between the customer and the luthier. The way of sharing about their passion for guitars and their mutual consideration will play an important part in the choice of the model, the materials and options that will match the customer's expectations.


   Ordering a Bouchereau Guitar is the beginning of a pushed partnership between me and the customer. We will discuss about his approach of music and guitar playing, about sound, aestetics, ergonomics, caracteristics of the materials,  all the aspects that will lead to concrete choices among hundreds of wood combinations and options available. This is often the beginning of a thrilling relationship, as planning the making of a custom guitar can lead to a vast amount of subjects, related to science, art, music or philosophy.


    Also, from the start of the building process untill the delivery, I frequently update my client about the progress of his guitar, and set up the last details that could have been unspecified during the planification of the guitar features.


   If you wish to order your cutom Bouchereau Guitar, or just discuss about what would be your dream guitar,  please contact me. I can provide you my options and pricing list, as well as my tonewood catalogue and information about warranty conditions. Once the order is confirmed, a 15% non-refundable deposit is required to start the building process, the balance is due at the time of delivery and I can arrange a payment plan if required. There is a 6 months delay from the start of the building process to the delivery.