This original model  is close to a Martin OO in size, a small bodied guitar, rich in harmonics and overtones. It has a subtle touch and a fast response which makes this model more suitable for fingerstyle playing. Despite her small body, this guitar produces a loud response and clear tone.


This particular design gathers all the aesthetic inspirations and principles I like to exploit. The tensed broken lines are inherited of the early gothic architecture that can be found in Europe as well as Scandinavian art on some aspects.


The presented model features multi-scale fretting and Laskin style arm-bevel.


The plated Florentine cutaway is included in the base price of this guitar model.


- Photo credit: Michel Gauvin-

-Pure Shot Studio-





- Total length: 1032 mm


- Body length: 492 mm


- Width at lower bout: 376 mm


- Width at waist: 222 mm


- Width at upper bout: 281 mm


- Body depth: 107 to 98 mm


- 16 feet radiused back


- Scale length: standard 25.34" or 25" to 25.75" mulit-scale fretting.


- Neck width: 43 mm at nut, 55 mm at 12th fret