The Mistral model is basicly my version of the OM model, the tipical fingerstyle and solist guitar. It produces a reactive response with complex overtones and harmonics, which allows a very nuanced playing.


This guitar is a valuable tool that can feature many ergonomic and aesthetic options. A very versatile instrument that represents the essential pillar of my product lineup.


The presented model features a salvaged sinker Western Red Cedar top and Cocobolo back and sides.




- Total length: 1034 mm


- Body length: 492 mm


- Width at lower bout: 393 mm


- Width at waist: 229 mm


- Width at upper bout: 289 mm


- Body depth: 105 to 95 mm


- Sacle length: 25.34"


- 16 feet radiused back


- Neck width: 43mm at nut and 55 mm at 12th fret