The Marly model is basicly my version of the Dreadnought model. Designed with more tensed and fluid lines, this guitar has also a tighter waist than the traditional Martin model, which increases the air compression in the guitar box.


This is a pretty large sized guitar, designed for struming playing style, chord striking and accompaniment. This model will tend to produce a loud, precise and percusive response with a good balance between each string. Although, this guitar model can be a very acurate choice for finger style guitarists as well, with an adapted components optimisation.




- Total length: 1056 mm


- Body length: 512 mm


- Width at lower bout: 402 mm


- Width a waist: 238 mm


- Width at upper bout: 296 mm


- Body depth: 115 to 105 mm


- Scale length: 25.5"


- 16 feet radiused back


- Neck width: 43 mm at nut and 55mm at 12th fret