The Maelstrom Jumbo is the biggest model offered in the Bouchereau Guitars lineup. Its dimensions are based on the Gibson J200 model, redesigned with more elegance and fluidity.

The result is an impressive power house, offering a powerful bass response, sharp mid range and crystal clear top end. This model can be a very versatile tool for the player, that can be suitable for both finger style , flat picking or strumming play style. 

The guitar displayed features a high grade Sitka spruce top and flamed maple back and sides.



- Total length: 1068.5 mm


- Body length: 524 mm


- Width at lower bout: 420 mm


- Width at waist: 253 mm


- Width at upper bout: 317 mm


- Body depth: 115 to 105 mm


- Sacle length: 25.5"


- 16 feet radiused back


- Neck width: 43mm (1.7") at nut and 55 (2.16") mm at 12th fret standard. I am also offering custom neck dimensions.