I am Loïc Bortot, born in Bordeaux (France) in 1988. As long as I can remember, I have always been attracted by the manual crafts and arts. I early developed a propensity for drawing and painting.  More generally I am very interested in design, sciences and literature at the point that I pursued the dream to become a car designer for a while.


My passion for guitars started at the age of 17, when I stroke my first chords on my father's old guitar. Since then my goal has been to combine all my passions in one joyful lifetime job that could gather my love for music, design, art and beauty. I found my way to make it, by integrating the National lutherie school of Quebec City in 2011. I graduated in 2014, winning the excellence award for my Moonchild model.


Since then, I established my workshop as well as my career in Quebec City. My love for this town and its people, as well as the amount of opportunities in the musical world are the reasons why I established here. I am proud to make my brand wear my mother's birth name Bouchereau, and to be able to put that name on my creations.


This journey into music and luxury has become my life. I give a huge importance to be a craftsman who carefully controls what he consumes and what he produces. This way of producing goods is, I believe, one of the ways that could save humanity from herself.


I try to create guitars that are, on every aspects, as achieved as possible. I believe that acoustics, aesthetics and ergonomics are parts of a whole and have to be considered equally. When a musician acquires a luthier made instrument, he is also acquiring a part of the luthier's soul, as the object he produced gathers all the craftsman's successes, failures, choices, experiments and tastes. That will always put a high end handmade guitar on a higher level than any industrial guitar, even of the biggest brands or price range.


I thank you for the interest you give to my work and am happy to share my passion with you.


Loïc Bortot